So I had a wonderful Tekken 6 photoshoot with the amazing JayEm Sison last Friday. Much fun was had, ovaries exploded and some cracked omakes were made :’D

Photographer: Ernest Yap
Helpers: Arthur Robberecht, Sheena Grace Minichaos, Sora Joshua
Jin Kazama: JayEm Sison
Ling Xiaoyu: exploding-pens (Belle Lim i.e. me)
Marshall Law: Kenneth Ting

More photos later by Vax Zone!


that female vampire’s cute, but she’s hmmm, she makes me feel “i know you well already.” juri+nignon+morrigan(lilith) isn’t she at the present time? i wish that namco brush her up.

(the pic bottom is nignon from the king of fighters maximum impact 2, the game 7 years ago.)